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Grundig Modul 839 Fa115722110253

Grundig Modul 839 Fa115722110253: A Vintage Audio Treasure

If you are a fan of vintage audio equipment, you may have heard of Grundig Modul 839, a stereo amplifier that was produced in Germany in the late 1970s and early 1980s. This amplifier is known for its high-quality sound, elegant design, and rare serial number. In this article, we will explore the features, history, and value of this classic piece of audio history.

Features of Grundig Modul 839

The Grundig Modul 839 is a solid-state amplifier that delivers 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms. It has four inputs for phono, tuner, tape, and aux, and two speaker outputs. It also has a headphone jack, a balance control, a loudness switch, and a tone control with bass and treble knobs. The front panel is made of brushed aluminum and has a blue LED power indicator. The amplifier measures 440 x 140 x 300 mm and weighs 8 kg.


History of Grundig Modul 839

The Grundig Modul 839 was part of the Grundig Modul series, which consisted of various components such as tuners, cassette decks, turntables, and speakers. The series was launched in 1978 and was designed to offer high-end sound quality at an affordable price. The Modul series was also known for its modular design, which allowed users to combine different components according to their preferences. The Modul series was discontinued in 1983.

The Grundig Modul 839 fa115722110253 is a special version of the amplifier that has a unique serial number. The serial number consists of two parts: the first part indicates the model number (839) and the second part indicates the production date (fa115722110253). The production date is encoded in a hexadecimal format, which means that each digit can have a value from 0 to 15. The first two digits (fa) indicate the year (1980), the next two digits (11) indicate the month (November), and the last six digits (572211) indicate the day and time (21st day, 22:11). This means that this amplifier was produced on November 21st, 1980 at 22:11.

Value of Grundig Modul 839 Fa115722110253

The Grundig Modul 839 fa115722110253 is a rare and valuable piece of audio equipment. It is estimated that only a few hundred units were produced with this serial number format. The amplifier is highly sought after by collectors and audiophiles who appreciate its sound quality and design. The amplifier can fetch up to $1000 on online auctions or specialized websites . However, the value may vary depending on the condition, functionality, and accessories of the amplifier.

If you own or find a Grundig Modul 839 fa115722110253, you have a vintage audio treasure that deserves to be preserved and enjoyed. This amplifier is not only a great sounding device, but also a piece of audio history that reflects the craftsmanship and innovation of Grundig.

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