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Trofim Yakushev
Trofim Yakushev

Cum In My Cunt 4

Bottle blonde Dolly shows off in a slutty bright pink and black outfit before the scene cuts to her being joined by a pair of cocks that she eagerly sucks and strokes her way between. Dolly rides one cowgirl style before sucking it clean and laying back for the other to take her missionary style. She continues to work her way between the guys in reverse cowgirl and missionary. She lets one guy cum in her cunt missionary style, fingers it, and then lets the other guy fuck her sloppy cunt missionary style so he can bust a nut in it too.

Cum In My Cunt 4

Brunette Jodie starts out in a little pink lingerie chatting about how it's taken her too long to get back to the jiz biz, her current daily routine, and her love of big black cock. The scene cuts to Jodie eagerly sucking Shaft's big black cock as well as talking about her love of black cock and letting him fuck her tits. She slides her bald pussy onto his cock for a reverse cowgirl ride and then lets him take her doggie style. Naturally Jodie mixes in a bit more oral action, and also rides him in cowgirl and lets him spoon her. Shaft finally pulls out as he pops, letting go with a very creamy dribble that never seems to quite make it into Jodie's cunt.

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